The Little Green Grass

She was in the blind

a little green grass likewise

One day it stormed and rained, yet

her fragrance bloomed his broken heart

She said ‘Don’t be afraid,

you will never walk in the dark alone.

One day the sun will shine

taking us to the world we always dreamed about’





Jagath Paavani Ganga

This verse is about the immortal soul of river Ganga and also about my friend who danced bharatham in the praise of the river, delivering a noble cause of saving Ganga from pollution.

Thank you Kala Sathanalaya for an uncompromising performance. Words will be lost to explain the impact you created and the standing ovation is just a token of our gratitude. We will join hands to see a cleanly ganga, we are in her debt for she washes away all our sins with the purity of her immortal soul. Jagath paavani Ganga..

Thavam kidanthom un paatham tharai thoda,

Nathanin mudi thadai thaandi

Vanthai varam thanthai, vevveru peyaril paar engum padarnthai

Enthan sogamum thaagamum theerka vantha gangaiye

Un vithai illatha uyir piriyathu! endrum un pugal sollum bharathamey.





The Devil who took me to Heaven

Leaning on a wall like an autumn evening,

in peach & a pose with her curly hair

Hot like a star and kiss like a rain,

she did whip my heart for a magical sail

Fluttering butterflies stirred our soul,

sparkling eyes danced along

In the eternal pool of love, we were together,

said to each other, now and forever

Hurt took us apart, you left your heart

carrying it i walked, making you a part in my every path

I stood forsaken and called it heaven,

never did one knew, you are the hell who walked me to the door bell.